ACOUSTIC MEMORY | 00:04:56 | pixilation, time-lapse and Super 8 | 2012
Filmed in Dungeness, Kent (UK). Written and Directed by Henry Butcher.

Personal tragedy sends a man to the place of his childhood. A journey with a dead end, where he struggles
to find an explanation to a human sacrifice in the name of big ideas.

Aesthetica Film Festival - New School House Gallery, York, UK (November '13)
East End Film Festival - Stratford Picturehouse, London, UK (July '13)
CGAI - A Coruna, Spain (November '12)
Bermondsey Project Space Gallery - London, UK (August '12)

Piano | 00:01:53 | Cell Animation | 2012
Written and Directed by Henry Butcher.

A piano through the years of cultural decline.